Saturday, 15 May 2010

An Introduction

I created this blog to help in the progress of my language called Tulvan. It's been out there (or should I say 'out here'?) for quite a while now, getting some new ideas now and then. The main concept for the language was always that it belongs to stage in development a 1,000 years further than the languages we see here today. Not that it is more 'perfect' or more 'developed' or any of that subjective crap. What I mean by this is that the speakers of this language started developing a very specific language, more and more specific over time, as I believe happens nowadays in some natlangs. It has some very punctual concepts and meanings and many differentiated words for some other concepts. Words have only one meaning.

This was the main concept. Also I decided it does not necessarily behave like any other earth-language. While it has some features that are very particular of itself, it also lacks some concepts (i.e. declension) which could be explained as having evolved through time (this is what I mean when I say I picture it as having evolved through thousands of years). It has some remnants of other structures and grammar systems, but now very difficult to see. Well, you'll be the judges of that.

Each day I will update either a new word and define it thoroughly or some grammar concept or note about it, which will then be arranged by category and topic.

All I can say now is 'Prumin tulvan siv': Let's speak Tulvan! Which actually translates more to "Speak (imp. pl.) by means of Tulvan".

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