Origins of Tulvan

Traditionally Tulvan is believed to be derived from the word "tulv" a verb meaning "to think". This, of course, can't be so. Many have argued that the original meaning of the term for the language has been lost in time. But that it was most probably related to the term Tuluan. In fact the Tulvan meaning connecting it to tulv is a popular etymology. Many specialists have discovered remains connecting the name to an old endonym Tuluan and an even older term, Tuluanna, the meaning of which is now lost.

In any case as a people so very devoted to thinking and reason, it was natural to assume that both words would merge with time in what is now known as Tulvan. This is also increased by the fact that Tuluan wouldn't be implausible as a verbal derivation from tulv. But with discoveries about Tuluanna, the folkloric etymological origin of Tulvan is now not widely supported by professionals. Although it clings on in people's imagination.